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I'm Monique. I am an internationally certified Child & Infant Sleep Consultant & Mum to a very busy toddler! In fact, it was the birth of my son that led to Sleepy Fox Consulting.

My Story

Those blissful first few weeks he would sleep anywhere & everywhere without any resistance. I naively thought that this would continue. What a rude shock it was when he started crying as soon as we would place him into his cot. Where had my champion sleeper gone & why was he now acting like the cot was lava? I felt like if I heard the advice to put him into his cot “drowsy but awake” ONE MORE TIME, I was going to explode. Who were these unicorn babies who could just…fall asleep on their own?


We fell into the habit of bouncing him to sleep on a gym ball. This became the only way he would fall asleep for every single nap, bedtime & overnight wakes. We would spend up to an hour bouncing him to sleep, delicately place him in his cot & cautiously slide our hands out from under him as though we were detonating a bomb, before ninja rolling out of his room. And if he happened to wake during this process we would be back to the start. It was sweet at first, but not so much at 3am & RIP to my back, shoulders & arms. I knew we had to make some changes but I was overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information on the internet. I had so much anxiety around my son's sleep in those early months that it really consumed me & detracted from my experience as a new mother.

My background as an Intelligence Analyst provides me with skills in critical thinking & problem solving, which enables me to see the bigger picture to get to the bottom of your baby or toddler’s sleep issues. I know you are probably exhausted so I won’t go on too much more. Make that second cup of coffee & take a look at my sleep consultation packages. 


If you need help deciding which package is best for you or you would like to learn more about how we can work together to improve your child's sleep then reach out & let’s chat!

Monique x

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